Modern Guitar Vocabulary

Incorporate modern guitar techniques, lines and concepts into your playing to expand your vocabulary.

Kaspar’s Modern Guitar Vocabulary course is recommended for the contemporary player who’s looking to expand technique and comfort in a systematic way, with real-world applications.

Kaspar, a session musician, takes you through lines and harmonic progressions that showcase economy picking, sweeping, tapping, tasteful embellishment and creative tunings. You can work at your own speed and digest the material in a meaningful way.

The techniques in these contemporary etudes will serve any guitarist interested in learning how to approach lead playing in modern rock, gospel, neosoul or even jazz fusion. Whatever style of music you focus on, if you give this course your time, it will establish a rock-solid foundation that will bleed into the rest of your playing.

Grab your axe — and be sure to practice slowly, with a clean tone. Let’s go.



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Total time: 56 minutes across 12 parts

· Introduction Free preview
· Preroll Free preview
· Morning Practice
· Evening RnB
· Animals
· Too Good
· Early Jam
· Monday Groove
· Rock Chops
· Where Are You Now
· Practice After School
· Do I Do

About Kaspar Jalily

Originally from Paris, Kaspar is making his way as a session musician and producer in France and abroad. He started guitar at age 15, initially as a classical musician. This established a technique early on that eventually freed him to develop his own sought-after style on electric guitar. You can follow his travels and work on Instagram.

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