Must-know Fake Book chords and progressions

The beginner’s chord library for standard repertoire

Bobby Griffin


This course from Bobby Griffin will take your chord library from zero to sixty. It’s aimed at beginning guitarists who are interested in playing jazz, pop & R&B music. The chords taught in this course will get you through just about any Fake Book tune — even the weird ones!

Bobby’s instructional approach offers multiple common voicings for each chord, ensuring that you won’t be stranded on any part of the neck before the next chord change. Thanks to a repeated chord exercise utilizing the cycle of fourths, you’ll walk away with an increased awareness of your instrument’s fretboard, and some additional musical know-how.

After taking you through the chord library, Bobby demonstrates common progressions that will pop up throughout your life as a guitar player.

120 minutes across 45 parts

Bobby introduction Free
Bobby’s go-to chords
The cycle of fourths
Major chords
Minor chords
Major 7 chords
Major 9 & major add 2 chords
Dominant 7 chords
Dominant 7(b5) chords
Dominant 7 (b5add9) chords
Minor 7 chords
Minor 7b5 chords
Minor 7#5 chords
Minor 7#5 chords (continued)
Diminished chords
Dominant 9 chords
Minor 9 chords
Dominant 11 chords
Minor 11 chords
Dominant 13 chords
Dominant 13 chord progression
Jazzy dominant 7 and 13 chords
Altered dominant 7 chords
Sus chords
Cycle exercise for any chord
The number system
Application of the number system
The number system in action
Major II-V-I descending whole steps
Minor ii-V-I descending whole steps
Minor and Major 2-5-1s
“Oh Give Thanks”
“Oh Give Thanks” chords
Groovin’ E major
R&B minor progression
Playing bass with your chords
Soul Vibe progression
Soul Vibe chords
“Taking it to Church”
“Taking it to Church” breakdown
“Blue Bossa”
“Blue Bossa” chords
Learning chords from a recording
“Outro Song”
Rig information

About Bobby Griffin

Bobby Griffin served as the guitarist at the famous West Angeles COGIC for 17 years. His notable sideman work includes Keith Pringle, LA Mass Choir, Andre and Sandra Crouch, Kurt Carr, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Al Green, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Norman Hutchins.

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