Learn the fundamentals of playing slap from traditional to advanced modern techniques, and learn to construct your own slap bass lines.

In FUNKDAMENTALS, Ted “Blyss” Gould breaks down what it means to get down. Starting with the technique, you’ll learn the basics of how to produce an authentic slap sound. You’ll see how subtle changes in approach can have an important impact on the groove at large.

Ted takes you through the history of slap bass, peppering in some historical information and real-world examples. The etudes in this course are designed to work through a variety of tempos to help you build up your funk stamina.

If you’re an experienced bassist who’s never gone into the deep end of slap, the concepts outlined here will get you on the fast track to developing your own lines in the style. If you’re new to the instrument, Ted’s instruction and samples will build up your confidence and set the foundation for the role of funk bassist.



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Total time: 64 minutes across 15 parts

· Introduction Free preview
· Open String Exercises - E String
· Open String Exercises - A String
· Hammer-Ons, Beat 1
· Hammer-Ons, Beat 2
· Hammer-Ons, Beat 3
· Hammer-Ons, Beat 4
· Thumb Grooves
· Plucking Etudes
· Pluck Grooves
· Octaves
· Octaves with Hammer Ons
· Applied Concepts 1
· Applied Concepts 2
· Applied Concepts 3

About Ted “Blyss” Gould

Ted “Blyss” Gould is a professional musician from New Orleans now living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His credits as a bassist include working with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee Zigaboo Modeliste (the Meters), American Idol finalist Latoya London, Jon B., Ron E. Back (Tower of Power) and R&B singer Will Russ Jr. In addition to being a top call bassist in pop genres, he has played upright and electric bass for host of Broadway-scale musical theater productions, including West Side Story, CATS, Dream Girls, Cabaret and Hairspray.

Ted holds Bachelor of Arts in Music from California State University (East Bay) and has been a classroom music educator, private music tutor and consultant since 2010.

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