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The CORE Method - The CORE Fretboard Mastery
Michael Dimin

The CORE Method - The CORE Fretboard Mastery

Twenty-Two videos (86 Minutes) providing a complete method to develop fluency and fluidity on the fretboard

“I would suggest Mike Dimin's CORE Method. It really is the most comprehensive approach to unlocking the fretboard I've ever heard of. He is a phenomenal teacher and his method has completely changed what I can do with the bass.” - Joe T. Read full description…

“I would suggest Mike Dimin's CORE Method. It really is the most comprehensive approach to unlocking the fretboard I've ever heard of. He is a phenomenal teacher and his method has completely changed what I can do with the bass.” - Joe T.

Welcome to the home of the most innovative and comprehensive online, video bass instruction site on the internet. While there are many great methods out there and many great teachers, It’s rare that these two come together in a method that works for all bass players, at all levels, playing any style of music. The CORE Method is a revolutionary method designed for 4, 5 and 6 string basses (and more). Because it is modular in nature, you get to direct your own learning. Learning that suits your needs and your interests.

The CORE Method is for all bass players, beginner through advanced. While providing a solid foundation for the new player, the innovative concepts presented open up the instrument for intermediate and advanced players alike. Whatever style of music you play, The Core Method will help you become a more creative, innovative and, most importantly, in-demand player.

“Excellent material and very easy to follow along. Opens up an understanding of the fretboard that either isn't shown elsewhere or is explained in a more confusing manner… very player-friendly, and lead you to further improvisational exploration. Would, and have, recommended this book and program to a number of musician friends!” - Ron G

Originally written for Michael's private students, The CORE Method is a comprised of two parts. The Core is a simple and effective way to develop fluidity on the entire neck, in any key, in any position. The second part of The CORE Method is the Modules. These Modules cover the many musical applications of the CORE. It is this section that students can choose to direct their own learning outcomes. The Modules provide the musicality to the Fluency to the Fluidity gained in the first section.

“Very easy to comprehend and applicable to any style of music. I like to use it as an alternative when searching for notes and or ideas.” - Eugene R

Any time of the day or night in the comfort of your home. The CORE Method is completely web-based. Shot with multiple cameras and with the addition of innovative Soundslice technology, the videos on these lessons are second to none. There is a never-ending supply of invaluable information that will help you realize your dreams, whether it’s playing arena shows, the local coffee house or jamming in the basement with good friends.

Bands are looking for bass players whose ability to hold a groove is only matched by their innovation and creativity. For beginners looking for that foundation to grow or more advanced players looking to break out of that educational plateau (rut), The CORE Method is for you.

The CORE Method is taught by the internationally renowned bass player, educator and author Michael Dimin.

“We'll definitely have you back at a future BBC. You are an awesome educator!" - Gerald Veasley, Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp, Joe Zawinul.

This is the first step in developing mastery of the 4, 5 and 6 string electric bass. This series of lessons will provide you with the tools to become fluid and fluent over the entire fretboard. Later, the Modules (available separately) will allow you to individualize and customize your learning experience to your needs and wants. One time payment provides a lifetime of access!

Available Modules include:
Key Determination
Modes and Arpeggios
Building a Better Bass Line
Playing in Multiple Positions
Playing in Multiple Tonal Centers (Keys)
Sight Reading
Advanced Topic: The Blues

Full course

Full course is 87 minutes across 22 parts
The CORE Method: Introduction
The Major Scale
G Scale Form 1
G Scale Form 2
G Scale Form 3/4
G Scale Form 5
G Scale Form 6
Relative Thinking G
Relative Thinking C
Relative Thinking D
Relative Thinking A
Relative Thinking E
Relative Thinking B
Relative Thinking F#
Relative Thinking F
Relative Thinking Bb
Relative Thinking Eb
Relative Thinking Ab
Relative Thinking Db
The CORE Method Parallel Playing
The CORE Method Parallel Playing with Music
The CORE Method 18 Keys in "The Money Position"

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