Billy Bivona

@BillyB · Guitar, Piano, Horn · Connecticut

Guitarist, Pianist, French Hornist, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Teacher, Guitarist for "World Soul" Website: IG @billybbivona


6/16/17 - Billy Bivona

Feb. 5, 2019


A smooth and lyrical hip-hop/R&B influenced percussive fingerstyle piece. More…


This piece focuses on a "hammer-pick" technique: every note in this piece is to be hammered on then picked. Great for strengthening the right hand, establishing independence between the two hands, and… More…


A little blip of some clean Tele speed! More…

Bop! - Billy Bivona

Jan. 26, 2019


A lil bop! Some finger-style and percussive playing. More…


This arrangement is an exercise for clean two-hand tapping and quick/smooth hammering in the left hand. The left hand uses only the bottom 4 strings while the right hand only used the top 2 strings. Muting… More…


This little piece is a great means for exercising both hands and works the ear on some linear counterpoint. Great for synchronizing right and left hands, finger-picked or not, and getting to know your… More…