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@Kulawik · Jazz-Guitar · Germany


Born in 1955 Wolfgang Kulawik started playing the guitar at the age of ten, two years of classical guitar. His idols were Eric Clapton and Rory Gallagher and with his playing he gained some local reputation as one of the „fastest“ players in town.
After school he went to university and left it with a degree in Music. That is where he got in contact with jazz music.

He is currently working as a guitar instructor with a team of German jazz musicians, holding jazz clinics at the „Studienzentrum of zeitgenössische Musik“ in Burghausen, Bavaria. This is what he has been doing for over 35 years now apart from his regular job as a teacher at high school.

He plays live gigs with a group of fellow musicians, but he is more into teaching and writing.
He started to do online guitar lessons about ten years ago and is very proud and happy to have attracted more than 19.000 subscribers to his youtube channel by now. He has never thought of becoming a jazz professional. We all know how difficult it is to make a living as performing artist, so he chose the educational branch instead.