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Mark Yodice

@MarkYodice · Guitar, Piano · NY

Composer, guitarist, pianist and occasional teacher. Mostly highly textured somewhat cinematic type instrumentals but also plenty of solo guitar... Exploring SSlice for sharing all sorts of guitar related interests.


Bogdanovic used this example in his brilliant Counterpoint text, I've arranged it here for guitar. The melody is stated in the higher voice first, lasting 15 beats; the division into 7 & 8 is arbitrary,… More…


Possibly MH's most tender performance; a characteristically beautiful and thoughtful composition. He embodied a mysticism and depth that far transcended the players that you'll encounter on yt today. Attend… More…


This is a terrific guitar piece that I transcribed from Badi's first solo guitar record many years ago, when I was very much enamored with and immersed in Brazilian guitar - I still very much am, certainly,… More…