Gabriel Florez

@gabeflo · Guitar · Miami, FL

I am the guitar teacher at John A. Ferguson Senior High in Miami, FL. I love to play rock, RnB, neo-soul, and jazz. Follow me on IG for more content @gabeflo_


This is the piano part playing throughout the whole song. More…

Stanky Soli - gabeflo

June 18, 2019


This is a little breakdown guitar soli in a song of mine coming out this summer (hopefully). More…


This was the first little number I made when I got this guitar. Looking forward to making it into a whole song this summer. More…


Jamming with one of my buddies! More…

Gruvskool challenge Cover

Covering marklettieri · Feb. 11, 2018



This tune is so beautiful. I just had to make an arrangement of it. Enjoy! More…

Smooth sequence Cover

Covering KasparJalily · Jan. 18, 2018


Covering Kaspar Jalily's tasty guitar lines More…

Human Nature - GabeFlo

Jan. 18, 2018


Here's my transcription of a live version of John Mayer playing Human Nature by Michael Jackson. I also put a little holiday twist at the end! Enjoy! More…