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Soundslice player API changelog

2023-10-11 — Added metronome=1 URL parameter, to enable the metronome at page load.

2023-07-26 — Removed show_track_names=1 URL parameter. Our player no longer shows those track names. See here for info on the new approach.

2023-03-23 — Added layout=5 URL parameter for the new Paged layout. The old parameters layout=1 and layout=2 are no longer documented, but we’ll support them indefinitely for backwards compatibility.

2022-02-15 — Added ssOneTimeLoopEnd JavaScript event.

2021-10-26 — Added an arg to the ssPlay JS API event. This provides the player’s current time, so that you don’t have to separately request it via getCurrentTime.

2021-10-01 — Each JS API event now includes a "sliceId" string. This is useful to disambiguate between multiple Soundslice players within a single web page.

2020-12-10 — Added getNotationDimensions JavaScript API method.

2020-12-10 — Added layout URL parameter. This replaces (and expands on) our previous horiz=1 parameter, which will continue working for backwards compatibility.

2020-11-27 — Added transpose JavaScript API method.

2020-11-20 — Added defer=2 URL parameter.

2020-10-21 — Added show_finger=0 URL parameter.

2020-08-14 — Added setAutoPitchNames JavaScript API method.

2020-05-18 — Added setTrackVisibility JavaScript API method.

2020-03-18 — Added ssLoopChange JavaScript event.

2020-03-13 — Added setLoop JavaScript API method.

2019-12-04 — Added lo=1 URL parameter.

2019-10-17 — Added ssVolumeChange JavaScript event.