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Practice tracking and history

With our practice tracking, you can keep track of when and which pieces of music you’ve practiced. It’s super simple and (in our experience) provides an extra bit of motivation. Don’t break the streak!

Marking a slice as practiced

When viewing a piece of music on our site, open your notebook. At the top, you’ll see a “Practice log” section:


These circles represent the last seven calendar days, including today. (Today is always on the right.) For each day you practiced this piece of music, the circle is green. This quickly shows you your practice streak.

When you’ve practiced the slice for the day, click “Practiced?” to mark it as practiced:


Man, that’s satisfying.

Remember, Good Things come to those who practice consistently. (Good Things include but are not limited to: better technique, prettier tone, ability to play cleanly at faster speeds, comfort with one’s instrument, a wide repertoire and general musicianship.)

Viewing practice history for a slice

Click “More” in your practice log to view a longer history, beyond the last seven days:


Viewing your full practice history across all slices

To view your practice history, go to your practice homepage and click the “History” tab:


On this page, you’ll see your full history, sorted by date. This includes all the times you marked a slice as practiced, plus all the private notes you’ve created. It looks like this:


Is there a prize for longest practice streak?

Yes! The prize is you become a better musician.

I forgot to mark my slice as practiced, but I really did practice yesterday! What can I do?

At the moment, we don’t have a way to do this. You can only mark something as practiced today.

But depending on feedback, we’ll consider tweaking the way this thing works. (Let us know your feedback!)