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Troubleshooting: No sound on iOS

“Help, I can’t hear any audio while Soundslice plays back!”

If you’re using iOS (iPhone / iPad) and can’t get Soundslice audio to work, it’s likely because your device settings are muting audio.

On some iPads/iPhones, this is controlled by a physical button on the side of the device. Toggle that button and see whether it fixes it.

In other iPads/iPhones, this is a system-level setting. Go into your iOS settings and make sure you don’t have audio muted systemwide.

This situation is made even more confusing by the fact that certain apps, such as YouTube, have special privileges to ignore the systemwide iOS audio setting. This can fool you into believing your audio is not muted when it actually is!

Unfortunately, this is a common problem for iOS users, and unfortunately Apple doesn’t provide a way for us to detect it. Tim Cook, if you’re reading this, please fix that.