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Getting paid for your Soundslice course sales

Soundslice takes a 15% cut of course sales, after payment processing fees are accounted for. Our payment processors (Stripe and PayPal) charge us 2.9% of the course price plus 30 cents.

Some examples:

Course price Payment processing fee Soundslice keeps You keep
$10 $0.59 $1.41 $8.00
$20 $0.88 $2.87 $16.25
$30 $1.17 $4.32 $24.51
$40 $1.46 $5.78 $32.76

Note that the payment processing fee might be slightly higher if the customer uses a non-U.S. currency when using PayPal.

We pay our artists on a weekly basis, every Monday, via PayPal. Be sure to give us your PayPal account address in the “Store payouts” section of your account settings — otherwise we won’t have a way of paying you.

Note that there’s a week delay between when a purchase is made and when you’re eligible to get paid for it. This is to account for our seven-day refund policy. Anybody buying your course can request a refund during this time.