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Selling in the Soundslice store

Soundslice gives you the tools to create interactive music lessons and sell them on our platform.

You create the course content and set the price. We take care of all the technical and business infrastructure such as web hosting, payment processing and user accounts.

This help section describes everything you need to know about how it works.

What is a course?

A course is a collection of slices, packaged nicely together. See Managing content on Soundslice for an overview of how to create slices.

A course might contain only a single slice — if, for example, you want to sell a single piece of sheet music. Or it can contain several dozen slices — if, for example, you create an in-depth course about a particular musical style.

A course can consist of video or mere audio. In either case, the video/audio should be synced with music notation/tab to take full advantage of the Soundslice experience. (Although you can sell video packages on Soundslice without notation, we advise against it. The whole point of Soundslice is syncing audio/video with notation to make a high-quality learning experience!)

For concrete examples of courses, visit the Soundslice store and look around. Most courses in our store have a few free samples.