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How to create a course for sale

This page explains how to create a course for sale in the Soundslice store.

Who can sell a course?

Anybody with a free Soundslice account can sell a course, as long as you’ve verified your email address.

However, free Soundslice accounts can only sync notation with YouTube videos. If you want to protect your content, upgrade to a paid Soundslice plan for the ability to upload video/audio directly to our site.

How to create a course

Here’s a detailed look at how to put a course together:

  1. Create slice(s) that sync video/audio with music notation. See Managing content on Soundslice for the nuts and bolts how to create slices. See Optimizing your video lessons for Soundslice for advice on optimizing your teaching style/content to take full advantage of our tools.
  2. After you’ve created slices, create a course. Make sure to choose “Sell your course to the world.”
  3. Once you’ve created the course, you’ll be taken to its list of slices — which will be empty to start. Click “Add a slice to this course” and repeatedly add the slice(s) that comprise the course. You can reorder them as needed.
  4. Click the “Settings” tab to add useful information — a tagline, an image and intro text for students. This page also includes sales settings: the course price (in U.S. dollars), marketing description for the course sales page, and some light categorization of genre, instrument and course type. (Need us to add a genre/instrument? Just contact us!)
  5. When you’re ready to make the course available for sale, visit the “Settings” tab and click “Submit for sale.” You will fill out a checklist, making sure your course follows our policies.
  6. Once you submit this form, Soundslice staff will review the course. You will get an email from us after we’ve reviewed it. If the course follows our policies, it will be available for sale.
  7. When the course is available for sale, it will be accessible on your Soundslice channel. To view your channel, click your user icon at the top right of any Soundslice page and select “Your channel.” If you currently have any courses available for sale, you’ll see a “Courses” tab that lists them.