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Gypsy jazz etudes

Joscho Stephan

Joscho Stephan is one of the most exciting modern-day gypsy jazz guitarists. Here, he’s put together three guitar etudes for you to develop your gypsy jazz chops.

Use our amazing interface to view the tab and notation while you listen to Joscho’s original recordings, so you can hear exactly how it should sound. Best of all, a majority of the proceeds go directly to Joscho. Support independent musicians!

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Watch Joscho’s intro:

What you get when you buy

Each transcription features a recording of Joscho playing, perfectly synced with sheet music (standard notation) and guitar tablature. It’s web-based, with no downloads or plugins required.

This is the ultimate interactive environment in which to study these tunes. Watch the synced tab, loop portions and slow down to half speed without changing pitch (Chrome and Safari only). Yes, you can print it, too.

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