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Five Waltzes for Pick-Style Guitar

Koran Agan

NYC-based guitarist Koran Agan wrote these five etudes to provide high-quality practice material for guitarists in gypsy jazz and related styles. By working through these pieces, you’ll develop left-hand technique through a wide range of arpeggios across multiple positions, and you’ll improve your right-hand picking using both alternate and rest-stroke techniques.

Use our interactive player to view the standard notation and tablature, listen to Koran’s own recordings of the etudes and slow down/loop the audio. You can even mute the lead guitar to hear the isolated rhythm section as a “playalong” track. Enjoy!

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What you get when you buy

Each etude features Koran’s master recording, perfectly synced with sheet music (standard notation) and tablature. It’s web-based, with no downloads or plugins required.

This is the ultimate interactive environment in which to study these etudes. Watch the synced tab, loop portions and slow down to half speed without changing pitch (Chrome and Safari only). Yes, you can print them, too.

Try the first few bars of Waltz No. 1 for free

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