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The Transcription Collection

Mark Lettieri

Mark Lettieri, Grammy award winning guitarist of Snarky Puppy fame, has been known to grace the stage with some pretty big acts — and when you hear him, you‘ll understand why. These six meticulously transcribed selections from his albums “Knows” and “Futurefun” showcase his modern style, which lives somewhere between neo-soul, country, gospel and shred.

Use the Soundslice interface to play along with Mark‘s studio recordings, loop sections and slow down the audio to best practice making this exciting vocabulary your own.

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Watch Mark’s intro:

What you get when you buy

Each transcription features the original studio recording, perfectly synced with sheet music (standard notation) and guitar tablature. It’s web-based, with no downloads or plugins required.

This is the ultimate interactive environment in which to study these tunes. Watch the synced tab, loop portions and slow down to half speed without changing pitch (Chrome and Safari only). Yes, you can print it, too.

Try a preview: “Lotus”

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