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Bossa & Beyond (Brazilian guitar)
My Brazilian Guitar
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Bossa & Beyond (Brazilian guitar)

This course is about how to comp Brazilian music with the fingerstyle guitar technique.
Latin jazz · Fingerstyle · Brazilian
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This course is about how to comp Brazilian music with the fingerstyle guitar technique. Read full description…

This course is about how to comp Brazilian music with the fingerstyle guitar technique.

We are covering 10 different styles in 28 parts. Each part has 5 exercises (over 100 variations to practice). A total of 51, 56 min of content.

After finishing this course you'll be able to play and better understand bossa nova, samba, partido alto, maxixe, choro, baião, xote, marcha-rancho, frevo and ijexá.

In the menu: fingerstyle, right hand technique, left hand articulations, theory approach to Brazilian music, breaking down rhythmic patterns on percussion and uncovering some famous Brazilian musicians styles (João Gilberto, Djavan, Filó Machado, Rafael Rabello, João Bosco, Ernesto Nazareth). Last but not least, practicing tips to help you play those styles as efficiently as possible.

Your instructor is gonna be Rodrigo Simoes (Master in Jazz performance at UdeM, Bronze medal_best Brazilian jazz album GlobalMusicAwards, 5 best jazz albuns on Québec 2018 by SortieJazzNights, nominee Vocal jazz album by IndependentMusicAwards). An experienced Brazilian jazz artist who have been active in the Canadian music scene. He's gonna share his toughts about his expertise in a way that you'll be able to incorporate those styles in your playing and composition as well.

Bossa & Beyond uses Soundslice technology, a platform where you can follow the music_chart in real time with the video. In addition to that, you'll be able to loop or slow down the sections as you wish.

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Full course is 58 minutes across 28 parts
Module 1 - Bossa nova
Bossa 1
Bossa 2
Bossa 3
Bossa 4
Bossa 5
Module 2 - Samba
Samba 1
Samba 2
Samba 3
Samba 4
Samba 5
Module 3 - Partido-alto
Partido-alto 1
Partido-alto 2
Partido-alto 3
Module 4 - Choro
Choro 1
Choro 2
Choro 3
Module 5 - Maxixe
Module 6 - Baião
Baião 1
Baião 2
Baião 3
Baião 4
Module 7 - Xote
Xote 1
Xote 2
Module 8 - Marcha-rancho
Module 9 - Frevo
Module 10 - Ijexá
Ijexá 1
Ijexá 2
Ijexá 3

About the artist

@MyBrazilianGuitar · Montreal

This is a one-stop shop for Brazilian guitar enthusiasts. Here you will find transcriptions, exercises and tips. We are going to cover different styles like bossa, samba, choro, baião, etc. Also, different instruments, like bandolim and violão.

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