Acoustic fingerstyle guitar, Vol. 1

10 original fingerstyle compositions with a variety of feels and melodic approaches. 100 + minutes of video lessons.

Todd Pritchard is back with another Soundslice-exclusive course. In this extensive series of video lessons, he walks you through 10 of his original fingerstyle compositions.

Each lesson includes a complete performance of the tune and is followed by an in-depth discussion of how to play it. Use the Soundslice interface to view synced tablature, standard notation and chord diagrams; slow down the video without changing the pitch; loop sections you’re having trouble with and more.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this course:

* New tunings, with exotic chord voicings that aren’t possible in standard tuning.

* How to add harmonics and right-hand percussion techniques to your playing.

* New ways to voice first-position chords while incorporating chord melody.

* Practice tips and theoretical/compositional approaches.

This course uses multi-angle video, which lets you see the fretboard hand and nuances in picking-hand technique.

The compositions range from beginner level to advanced.

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Total time: 110 minutes across 13 parts

· Preview reel Free preview
· Sco
· All We Have is Now
· Till the End of Time
· Rest Easy
· Pushing Forward
· Shimmer
· Peculiar Mood
· Kindred Spirits
· Cruising
· As You Are
· Bonus: Shelter
· Bonus: Healing

About Todd Pritchard

Todd Pritchard uses fingerstyle, classical, hiphop and soul to develop a unique guitar style. His guitar studies at Rowan University and influences from all genres stimulate his solo arrangements (found on YouTube and Instagram), which have guided his exploration in melodic/chordal harmony, arranging and looping techniques.

Todd’s compositions have provided his instrumental quartet and acoustic projects with an authentic sound and accompanying culture. He lives in Philadelphia, where he continues to compose, teach, perform and work as a studio musician.

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“Todd has a unique, refreshing sound. Almost as if James Taylor played neo-soul electric guitar. In his lessons, he breaks down his style in a slow, methodical manner that’s easy to follow. These concepts will surely inspire students on their own paths.”
Mark Lettieri, Snarky Puppy
“Technique, soul, creativity: Todd has it all. He uses his immense understanding of the fretboard in a way that doesn’t overshadow the essence of the music itself. His lessons give insight to both his physical technique and theoretical application, two of the most important factors for any musician looking to refine their style.”
Alex Moses
“Todd’s lesson packages have quite simply pushed my playing into another dimension. As an avid learner, never before have I had so much fun playing through tutorials. Perfectly paced and extremely well explained. I couldn’t recommend it more.”
Stu Partridge