RnB neosoul & gospel guitar, Vol. 2

14 original chord melody grooves packed with tasty voicings and fingerstyle rhythms.

Todd Pritchard


Todd has over 10 years of experience performing, teaching and composing in this style of guitar playing. In this Soundslice video course, he’ll share his knowledge and help take your playing to the next level.

You’ll learn how to play his chord voicings and embellishments through catchy melodies and progressions. The course includes more than 130 minutes of high-quality video instruction, and everything in the videos is meticulously tabbed out and notated.

In this course, you will:

* Learn Todd’s fingerstyle picking and percussion techniques, with a focus on getting optimal groove.

* Understand his approach to playing chord melody and how to create seamless connections between chords.

* Learn specific fingerings for chords and licks while reviewing articulations in the fretted hand.

Todd also provides practice tips, to help you learn the music as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, in addition to ten lessons, you’ll get four bonus transcriptions: “Groove for JD,” “No Stone Unturned,” “Shake it on Down” and “Sunday Feels.” These are transcriptions, not lessons, but they’re fully notated and give you even more great material to work on.

NOTE: This course is recommended for the intermediate to advanced player.

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155 minutes across 17 parts

Groove preview reel Free
Beholden (Sample lesson) Free
Heaven on Earth
William E. Erin's Old School Groove
Night Out
New Beginnings
Lakehouse Noodles
Gather Together Now
Fresh Cut
Quit Playing
Bonus: Sunday Feels (transcription only)
Bonus: Shake it on Down (transcription only)
Bonus: No Stone Unturned (transcription only)
Bonus: Groove for JD (transcription only)
Bonus: Amazing Grace (transcription only)
“Todd has a unique, refreshing sound. Almost as if James Taylor played neo-soul electric guitar. In his lessons, he breaks down his style in a slow, methodical manner that’s easy to follow. These concepts will surely inspire students on their own paths.”
Mark Lettieri, Snarky Puppy
“Technique, soul, creativity: Todd has it all. He uses his immense understanding of the fretboard in a way that doesn’t overshadow the essence of the music itself. His lessons give insight to both his physical technique and theoretical application, two of the most important factors for any musician looking to refine their style.”
Alex Moses
“Todd’s lesson packages have quite simply pushed my playing into another dimension. As an avid learner, never before have I had so much fun playing through tutorials. Perfectly paced and extremely well explained. I couldn’t recommend it more.”
Stu Partridge

About Todd Pritchard

Todd Pritchard uses fingerstyle, classical, hiphop and soul to develop a unique guitar style. His guitar studies at Rowan University and influences from all genres stimulate his solo arrangements (found on YouTube and Instagram), which have guided his exploration in melodic/chordal harmony, arranging and looping techniques.

Todd’s compositions have provided his instrumental quartet and acoustic projects with an authentic sound and accompanying culture. He lives in Philadelphia, where he continues to compose, teach, perform and work as a studio musician.

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