RnB neosoul & gospel guitar, Vol. 3

Todd Pritchard


Todd Pritchard is back for Volume 3 of his popular instructional series. Across nearly three hours (!) of video instruction, you will:

* Understand the fingerstyle picking/percussion secrets, with a focus on getting optimal groove.

* Figure out how to seamlessly tie chords together through simple methods.

* Learn specific fingerings for chords and licks while approaching specific articulations in the fretted hand.

* Get practice tips, to help you learn the music as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This course includes three bonus transcriptions: “Late Night Vibes,” “Mood,” and “Mornin’ Riddim.”

As always on Soundslice, each instructional video is synced with an accurate transcription, so you can see exactly which notes and chords are being played. Use the interface to slow down or loop sections, for deep practice. Enjoy!

NOTE: This course is recommended for the intermediate to advanced player.

141 minutes across 13 parts

Beautiful Day
Bohemian Blues
Can't Hide the Stank
Explorations in Gee Flat
Derek and John
Giving Thanks
Laid Back Feels
Funk on the Porch
Just As I Imagined It
Bonus: Mood (transcription only)
Bonus: Morning Riddim' (transcription only)
Bonus: Late Night Vibes (transcription only)

About Todd Pritchard

Todd Pritchard uses fingerstyle, classical, hiphop and soul to develop a unique guitar style. His guitar studies at Rowan University and influences from all genres stimulate his solo arrangements (found on YouTube and Instagram), which have guided his exploration in melodic/chordal harmony, arranging and looping techniques.

Todd’s compositions have provided his instrumental quartet and acoustic projects with an authentic sound and accompanying culture. He lives in Philadelphia, where he continues to compose, teach, perform and work as a studio musician.

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