Creative neosoul guitar, Vol. 1

10 meticulously transcribed improvisations to expand your guitar-playing palette. Each features a slowed-down performance so you don’t miss a note.

If you’ve got a bit of jazz harmony under your belt and are looking for new sounds to play over modern music, this is for you.

In this course, 10 examples of Beau’s unique guitar style are transcribed for you to loop, play along with and absorb. At the end of each example, Beau slowly plays the improvisation again, note for note, pausing so you can fully reproduce every slide, shake and chord extension. Warning: some of these are finger busters, but that’s a small price to pay for an expanded harmonic landscape.

After you’ve played through these transcriptions slowly with Beau, you’ll have a whole new bag of tricks to try in your own improvisations and compositions.



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Total time: 17 minutes across 11 parts

· Preview Reel Free preview
· The Beat
· Moving Chords
· Waterfall
· Soul
· Slidey
· Calmer
· Disco
· MJ Mixo
· Kiwi
· Calm

About Beau Diakowicz

Beau Diakowicz is an English guitarist whose unique sound is rooted in the idioms of neo soul, funk, gospel, indie and jazz. His compositions and improvisations are showcased on his popular Instagram channel, which boasts more than 64,000 followers.

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