Creative neosoul guitar, Vol. 3
Beau Diakowicz
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Creative neosoul guitar, Vol. 3

10 refined improvisations that showcase extended technique for guitar
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Beau returns with a collection of musical examples that demonstrate new ways to take advantage of the fretboard. Read full description…

Beau returns with a collection of musical examples that demonstrate new ways to take advantage of the fretboard.

With influences that draw from contemporary hip-hop, jazz, gospel and R&B, Beau's improvisations are unique and seamlessly work in the context of a backbeat, a loop pedal, or as a solo instrument. The ideas are harmonically, rhythmically and technically complex.

Like Volumes 1 & 2, each fully notated example gives you ability to loop and slow down any section you like. Each improvisation starts with a full-speed version of the performance, followed by a repeated take at a slow, note-by-note speed. The ability to toggle back and forth between the two versions is particularly useful when learning to recreate these sounds. While the slowed-down version makes the technical obstacles easier to tackle, the full-speed performance emphasizes musicality by demonstrating how to join the technical at tempo.

Beau's style is his own, and the ideas here go well beyond your average music-store guitar lesson.

This course was transcribed by Alex Wand.

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About the artist

@Beaudiakowicz · Portsmouth, England

Beau Diakowicz is an English guitarist whose unique sound is rooted in the idioms of neo soul, funk, gospel, indie and jazz. His compositions and improvisations are showcased on his popular Instagram channel, which boasts more than 64,000 followers.

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