Five Waltzes for Pick-Style Guitar

Etudes for developing left- and right-hand technique.

NYC-based guitarist Koran Agan wrote these five etudes to provide high-quality practice material for guitarists in gypsy jazz and related styles. By working through these pieces, you’ll develop left-hand technique through a wide range of arpeggios across multiple positions, and you’ll improve your right-hand picking using both alternate and rest-stroke techniques.

Use our interactive player to view the standard notation and tablature, listen to Koran’s own recordings of the etudes and slow down/loop the audio. You can even mute the lead guitar to hear the isolated rhythm section as a “playalong” track. Enjoy!

Try the first few bars of Waltz #1 for free.



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· Waltz No. 1 (Valse de Sarajevo)
· Waltz No. 2 (Coquette Waltz)
· Waltz No. 3 (Downstroke Waltz)
· Waltz No. 4 (Dos Tigrillos)
· Waltz No. 5 (Alejandra)

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