Quartet Gospel Guitar: Foundation and application

Learn chord structures, riffs, licks, and how to apply it all within a song

Chris Payton


In this course, Chris takes you through the ins and outs of understanding Quartet Gospel guitar playing.

You’ll learn the fundamentals and how to apply them to songs. Chris will take you step-by-step through quartet licks, chords and theory, along with a discussion of composition ideas.

Finally, Chris demonstrates how to play with another guitar player without getting in each other’s way — a skill every musician should have.

60 minutes across 9 parts

Introduction Free
Mid tempo in E minor
Walk down in C
Application of licks
Playing with two guitarists pt. 1
Playing with two guitarists pt. 2
Quartet drive in E
Inspiration and listening

About Chris Payton

Chris was captured by music when he first picked up the guitar at age four. By applying himself and absorbing as much as possible from his influencers, he soon had a reputation for processing talent beyond his years. He began playing professionally in his early teens. By age 21, he established himself as one of America’s youngest, most prominent guitarists.

Chris’ professional experience spans several genres, including R&B, gospel, soul, hip hop, pop, alternative, jazz and blues. He has supported major acts including Robin Thicke, Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar, The Soul Seekers, Faith Evans and T.I. He’s made multiple on-air musical appearances on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Grammys, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show and more, and he is a highly sought-after session musician and composer.

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