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Guitar Workout for Intermediate and Advanced Players
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Guitar Workout for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Take your playing to the next level with this guitar workout featuring 3 targeted exercises and 6 melodic etudes to tackle arpeggios, scales, alternate picking, legato, and string skipping.
Solo guitar · Technique · Neoclassical
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Elevate Your Guitar Playing: Mastering Scales, Arpeggios & Techniques Read full description…

Elevate Your Guitar Playing: Mastering Scales, Arpeggios & Techniques

This comprehensive course equips you with the skills to take your guitar playing to the next level! Through a series of targeted exercises and challenging etudes, you'll solidify your understanding and application of essential techniques.

What you'll learn:

Effortlessly navigate the fretboard: Master the positions of scales and arpeggios through targeted exercises that combine them.
Unlock lightning-fast picking: Conquer string skipping with a dedicated arpeggio exercise.
Develop precision and control: Hone your legato technique, alternate picking accuracy, and articulation skills with five progressive etudes.
Etudes for All Levels: These etudes cater to a range of skillsets, helping you improve and maintain your technical foundation.
Compositional Exploration: Challenge yourself with a unique composition that incorporates advanced techniques and musical vocabulary, building upon the skills learned in the etudes.
By the end of this course, you'll be:

More comfortable and confident on the fretboard.
Able to execute scales and arpeggios with fluidity and precision.
Equipped with a wider range of picking techniques and articulations.
Ready to tackle more complex musical pieces.

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Full course is 8 minutes across 9 parts
Power Up Your Picking - I - IV - V - I in C Major
Unleash Your Technique Toolbox: vi - ii - V - I
A Minor Etude I: A Journey Through A Minor
A Minor Etude II: Pushing the Limits
B Minor Etude: Unleash the Fury
C Minor Etude: A Journey in Three
G Major Etude: Endurance & Precision
E Minor String Skipping Challenge: Mastering the Fretboard
I Ricordi

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