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The Violin Vibrato Trainer
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The Violin Vibrato Trainer

A complete course to develop your gorgeous violin vibrato!
Classical · Technique
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Dear violin students, Read full description…

Dear violin students,

I know you already understand a lot ABOUT violin vibrato. And you're probably wondering why your attempts haven't taken root and blossomed into a functioning vibrato. That's because vibrato is one of those techniques where knowledge only will go so far. Developing a vibrato is developing muscular skill. And our muscles take longer than our thinking brains.

So that's why I developed the course: to make the practicing vibrato fun and engaging so that you stick with it and practice frequently. You'll enjoy practicing along with me and the beautiful piano accompaniments by Bernd Krüger.

Let's get started!

Beth Blackerby
owner and creator of

Full course

Full course is 95 minutes across 40 parts
Vibrato Trainer
Vibrato Course Introduction
Setting Up the Hand: Part 1 - Tapping
Tapping Exercise #1
Tapping #2
Setting Up the Hand - part 2: Tapping to Sliding
Arm Vibrato Set Up
1 Vibrato #1 - Single Fling Hand Slides
2 Vibrato #2: Double Flings
3 Vibrato Exercise 3: Granados: Villanesca
4 Vibrato #4: Schumann: Scenes from Childhood - Blindman's Bluff
5 Vibrato Exercise: 5 pulses - Grieg: Lyric Pieces, Op. 12 no. 4
6 Vibrato Exercise 6: Five Pulses, Longer
DIY Vibrato Bumper
Instructions for Increasing Speed of Slides
Smaller Motions for Arm Vibrato
7 Vibrato Exercise 7 Alla Turca
8 Vibrato Exercise 8: Happy Farmer
9 Vibrato Exercise 9 Mendelssohn: Song Without Words Op. 19 no. 5
Adding the Bow
10 Exercise #10 Albinez Tango: España, Opus 165
11 Exercise #11 Chopin Op 10 no. 5 Sliding with the Bow
12 Exercise #12 Schumann Abegg Variations
Adding Finger Pressure
Adding Finger Pressure with the Arm Vibrato Motion
13 Exercise #13 Albinez Prelude
14 Exercise #14 Haydn hob XVI9 no. 3
Oscillation: Rocking on the Ball
15 Exercise #15 Albinez Austurias
Featuring One Note
16 Exercise #16 Albinez Sevilla
17 Exercise #17 Albinez Granada
Changing Fingers
18 Exercise #18 Schumann Tales of a Distant Land
Changing Bow Speed
19 Exercise #19 Catalan Changing Bow Speeds
Getting the Vibrato Faster
20 Exercise #20 Grieg Brooklet
Graduation Piece: Schubert Impromptu
VT Graduation Piece Schubert Op. 90 no. 3 (piano only)
VT Graduation Piece Schubert Op. 90 no. 3 (Violin and Piano mix)

About the artist

@violinlab · Austin, Texas

Hi, I'm Beth Blackerby founder of, a global online platform for learning classical violin. My mission is to explain in simple terms the habits of professionals to adult learners to maximize progress and success.

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