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Music with Jess

@JessChanMusic · Piano, Violin, Voice · Melbourne, Australia

I'm creating content for children, educators, teachers and parents to use to support the joy of growing and learning. I specialize in general music education for young children, private piano, violin and voice lessons for all ages.


Please support the time involved creating this content by donating to my paypal via my email or though my ko-fi link (it's the price of a coffee):

On top of my studies to be a Primary and Early Childhood teacher (I want to specialise in musical pedagogy and approaches to learning), and my private lessons, I spend a lot of my time creating this supplemental content for my students and myself (yes, I use it too). Eventually I will be able to input high quality videos and more pedagogical aspects, as time permits!

I input these files manually into a program called 'Sibelius' - musical notation software, record videos of myself playing, upload and sync the videos so that the music notation can be a little bit more interactive, less abstract, and more relevant.

I began music lessons with my mum (apparently) when I was young child, and began learning piano with my first teacher around age 5, along with my sister who was 4. Our older siblings learnt together too. I always found myself trying to emulate my older siblings abilities and practices - which definitely supported my thirst for development. I began violin lessons at the age of 8, and at the age of 13, enrolled myself in singing lessons at school. During high school, I balanced a love for composition and performing, until I found myself within the jazz community. Little did I know that would allow me to consistently fill the creativity and flexibility of both performing and composing through the flexibility allowed within the jazz language.

When I re-discovered violin as an adult, I began to understand just how much music had meant to me as a child, as well as how much we can commit to as adults, if we put ourselves in a position to allow ourselves to learn (circumstances, of course, vary). I have since picked up the double bass, cello, guitar and ukulele. I have performed in opera, musical theatre, drama productions. Many, many musical breakthroughs happen when I remove the noise and practice - it's like meditation, healing, powerful and a part of me.

If we make and meet our musical goals, and translate that learning into other aspects of our lives - many (inconceivable) things become possible.