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New loop menu and improved count-in

We’ve added a new “loop menu” to our player — a little menu that shows up whenever you create a loop:


This provides much quicker access to some great tools:

Previously it required several more clicks to do both of these things, and that assumes you were even aware of the features! Our goal was to make this stuff more discoverable and make it faster/easier to get to.

This new menu is also active when you’re in focus mode, with additional controls for changing the current bar range:


This gives a nice, unified feel between loops and focus mode.

Smarter count-in

We’ve also improved our player’s count-in feature.

Previously, the count-in always did an entire bar’s worth of beats — which was confusing for situations where a bar has fewer beats than expected, such as a pick-up bar. We now look at whatever music your playhead is in, and the count-in will dynamically adjust to the length of that bar.

We’ve also made it so that the count-in works if you want to start in the middle of a bar. Previously, if count-in was active, we’d always start playback at the start of the bar. Now, we’ve removed that limitation — so if you want to start playback in the middle of a bar, with count-in, no problem. The count-in will use whatever number of beats necessary to account for the offset into that bar.


I like the idea of the loop menu, but it's a trade-off between clicks and screen real estate, and the latter is more valuable (for me at least). Could the loop menu be moved to the control bar?
Thanks for the thoughts — could you give a bit more context about the screen real estate? Does the loop menu overlap notation such that it gets in your way? Note we automatically add a little bit of space to the bottom of the notation if the new loop menu is active at the very end of the music.
Great improvement. Thnx

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