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@TomBoddison · Guitar · Shropshire
Guitarist specialising in solo jazz guitar with a wide range of influences.


Tom Boddison is a guitarist based in Shropshire in the UK. With a background in styles as diverse as jazz, country, Brazilian choro and flamenco, Tom effortlessly combines a wide variety of music from around the world, creating his own inimitable style.

Whether he's playing solo or in a jazz trio setting, Tom's music evokes a classic atmosphere that is filled with style and creativity. In his solo work, he endeavours to create music with clear melodies and strong dynamics, skilfully combining the Travis picking style of his country guitar heroes with the complex harmonic mechanisms of some of the best jazz and bossa nova composers of the 20th century.

Playing with a masterful hybrid picking style, Tom always endeavours to explore the edges of what is possible with pick-style guitar. "I've always had a desire to learn more, and that's what I enjoy most about the guitar - the more you learn, the more you realise you don't know. It's a lifelong journey".