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Fili Filizzola is an Italian-Brazilian guitar player, composer, producer, sound engineer and guitar teacher currently residing in Denver, CO. For free lessons, licks and transcriptions: - Instagram: @fili_filizzola


Lydian lick that uses a combination of chromaticism and arpeggios. … More…


Hey guys, I have the full lesson to this etude on my YouTube channel if you want to see me break it down and explain the whole thing (Link below). Hope you enjoy it!… More…

Monday chords Cover

Covering soundslice · March 6, 2018


Loved this so much I had to learn it! More…

Gruvskool challenge Cover

Covering marklettieri · Feb. 11, 2018


What a great groove! I wrote some vocal harmonies to this and had my wife sing them. Pretty fun weekend activity! =]… More…