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Advanced slice settings

To edit a slice’s advanced settings, open the slice settings and click the “Advanced” tab.

Most advanced settings can only be edited by customers in a paid plan.

Here’s what the screen looks like:


“Display instrument names in notation”

See the separate help page about this.

“Allow viewers to print”

This checkbox, off by default, lets you enable printing.

If you check the box, then the slice will have a “Print” button in its settings menu. Anybody viewing that slice will then be able to get a PDF by clicking that button.

Note: As the slice owner, you can always print the slice via the Export PDF feature — without needing to enable this checkbox.

“Show title in notation”

This checkbox, off by default, lets you opt into displaying a title.

“Disable synthetic playback”

This checkbox, off by default, lets you disable synthetic playback.

If you check the box, then the slice will not display “Synthetic” in its list of recordings. This feature is used by people who have added at least one real recording and find the synthetic playback distracting or irrelevant for their particular music.

Note: If you disable synthetic playback in a slice with zero recordings, there will be no way to play back your music! Use this feature with care.

“Hide notation”

This checkbox, off by default, will hide the notation when your slice is viewed by somebody other than you. They will only see the slice’s recording(s), without any way of accessing the corresponding notation.

Why on earth is this useful? It’s because some of our customers want to publish their video as soon as possible — before they’ve had a chance to create and sync notation. The “Hide notation” feature lets you publish the slice and work on its notation without students seeing the work-in-progress notation. Then, once the notation is done, you can uncheck the checkbox, hence making the notation visible to students.

“Enable lyrics-only shortcut”

(You will only see this checkbox if your slice contains at least one instrument that has lyrics.)

This checkbox, off by default, lets you opt in to displaying a “Lyrics-only” shortcut in the slice’s controlbar. See here for information on lyrics-only mode.