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Organization accounts

Do you use Soundslice with other people in your company, sharing a single Soundslice login across multiple people? We’re here to help.

Instead of sharing passwords — an icky and insecure practice — you can use our organizations feature. With it, each of your colleagues logs in with a separate Soundslice account. Then, to access your shared slices, you simply “switch into” your organization’s account.

You can switch back and forth, and you can copy slices between your organization(s) and personal user account.

If you’re familiar with Facebook Pages, you’ll feel right at home. This works the same as Facebook’s “Use Facebook as [page]” feature.

Organization accounts are only available to people in the Licensing plan.

Creating an organization

Coming soon! For now, the only way to create an organization is to contact the Soundslice team.

Adding users to an organization

To add a user to an organization:

Removing users from an organization

To remove a user from an organization:

Accessing an organization

To access an organization that you belong to, first log into your personal Soundslice account.

Once you’re logged in, click your username at the top right of the screen. You’ll see a menu that lists your organizations:


Click the organization you want to access, and you’ll instantly be using Soundslice as that organization.

At any point, you can use the same process to switch back to your personal Soundslice account.

Moving slices across accounts

In the slice manager, you can move slices — and even entire folders — across accounts. For example, you can move a slice from your personal account into an organization, or vice versa.

To move a slice:

To move a whole folder (including its slices and its subfolders):

Administrator privileges

Each member of an organization either has administrator privileges or not.

Members with administrator privileges can:

Working with others

Once you have an organization set up, how do you best make use of it? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you’re worried that other people in your organization will edit a slice (its notation or syncpoints) while you’re working on it, you can temporarily move it into your personal account. This will prevent anybody else from altering it. When you’re done editing, move it back into the organization.

It’s totally fine for multiple people in an organization to be making edits to different slices at the same time. This includes syncpoints, recordings and the notation itself.

Syncpoints and notation are stored separately in our system. That means one person in your organization can work on syncpoints, while another person works on notation — even for the same slice at the same time.

Logistical information

Here are some logistical details about the organization feature: