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Exporting your slices

Soundslice can export slices in three formats: MusicXML, MIDI and Guitar Pro (GPX). Here’s information on how to export. Note that you may only export a slice you’ve created yourself — not, for example, something posted to our community or something in our store.

Exporting is reserved for customers with a paid plan.

Exporting as MusicXML, MIDI or GPX

To export a slice, edit your slice and click the button at the top:


Select “Export MusicXML,” “Export MIDI” or “Export GPX.” Your web browser will prompt you to download a file. That’s it.

Which format is better?

We recommend using MusicXML, because that format supports the largest amount of music data, and it’s openable by basically any modern music-notation application.

If for some reason MusicXML doesn’t work for you, we’d recommend MIDI. But please note that MIDI only includes the “raw” note data and omits things like text, chord names and articulations. (This is a limitation of the MIDI format itself, not our exporter.)

GPX is useful for limited purposes, mostly if you’re invested in using Guitar Pro. It’s a proprietary format that’s only readable by certain programs.

What if I can’t open the resulting exported file?

Get in touch. Send us the URL of your slice, which export type you used, and which program you tried to open it in. There are lots of moving parts in this type of situation, but we’re usually able to figure things out.