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Using folders in the slice manager

The slice manager lets you create folders to keep your slices organized. Here’s information on how to use them.

Only accounts in a paid plan can create or rename folders.

Creating a folder

In the slice manager, click the “New folder” button to create a folder:


Then give it a name:


That’s it. You’ll see the newly created folder at the top of your slice manager. (We always put folders at the top of the list.)

Click the folder to view its slices (and its subfolders).

Creating slices in a folder

If you’re in a folder in the slice manager and create a slice, your new slice will automatically be in this folder.

Moving slices into folders

To move a slice into a particular folder, find the slice in the slice manager, hover over it, then click the “Move to folder” button:


You’ll see a screen like this, which shows you all of your folders:


Select the folder to which you want to move the slice, then click “Move.”

Moving slices out of folders (into the “top level”)

You can move a slice to the top level of your slice manager (i.e., so that it doesn’t live in any folder) by following the same instructions as above. Just choose “Top level” as the destination.

Moving multiple slices at the same time

To move multiple slices into the same folder at the same time, click their icons, then click “Move” in the pop-up interface:


Folders inside other folders

Folders can be nested — they can contain other folders.

If you’re currently viewing a folder in the slice manager and you click “New folder,” the newly created folder will live within the folder you were viewing.

If you’ve already created a folder and want to move it inside another folder, view the folder and click the small “Move folder” icon near the top of the page:


You’ll see a screen where you can choose where you’d like to move the new folder:


Renaming folders

To rename a folder, view the folder and click the small “Rename folder” icon near the top of the page:


Deleting folders

To delete a folder, view the folder and click the small “Delete folder” icon near the top of the page:


If the folder is empty, it will be deleted immediately. If the folder contains any slices, you’ll see a confirmation screen:


As a security precaution, you’ll need to type the folder’s name. This helps prevent accidental deletion of folders and their slices.

Who can see my folders?

Nobody except you. Folders are private.

If you’ve shared a slice — say, posted it to a channel, put it in a course or shared the link — nobody will know its folder name or whether it’s even in a folder.

What happens if I create some folders, then downgrade to a paid account?

Your folders will remain accessible, and all the slices within the folders will remain. You just won’t be able to create new folders or rename your existing folders.