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Searching and filtering your slices

If you’re logged in to your Soundslice account, you’ll see a search box at the top of most pages of our site. This lets you search your slices or public posts by the Soundslice community.

When you type into the search box, you’ll get options to search your slices or community posts:


After you’ve entered your search term, click the appropriate search type to do the search. You can also just hit Enter and use your keyboard’s up/down arrows to move through the options.

Filtering your slices

In the slice manager, if you’re viewing the top level page (i.e., you’re not in a folder), you’ll see options to filter all of your slices:


The options are:

You can use filters together with the search. First do a search, then click one of the filters.

Does the search feature search folder names?

Yes. (Read more about folders here.)

Is there a way for other people to search all of my slices? Like, all the slices I’ve posted to my channel?

No, this isn’t possible at the moment. They’ll need to use our sitewide search.