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Slice privacy settings

Depending on the Soundslice plan you have, you have several privacy options for individual slices. They are:

Privacy option Description Useful for Soundslice plan required
Private (default) Only you can access the slice, and you must be logged in Self study; preparing lessons for eventual sharing Any
Published to your channel The slice is publicly available on your channel and accessible via our search engine Sharing ideas with the Soundslice community Any
Shareable Anybody who knows the slice’s URL can access it, and they don’t have to have a Soundslice account Sharing with bandmates, colleagues, students, etc., in cases where you don’t need tight security Requires any paid plan
In a course The slice is available only to people you’ve explicitly given permission to, and they need to be logged into their Soundslice account Sharing with students, etc., in cases where you want to control access Requires our Teacher plan
Embeddable The slice is available to embed in your own website Integrating Soundslice technology in your music-education website Requires our Licensing plan

Making a slice shareable

To make a slice shareable, open the slice in edit mode, then open the privacy dropdown menu in the upper right and choose “Share link.”


There, you can enable sharing or change it back to private. For your convenience you’ll see the slice’s URL for easy copying.


Posting a slice to your channel

To post a slice to your channel, follow the instructions on this separate help page.

Making a slice embeddable

To make a slice embeddable, follow the instructions on this separate help page.

Adding a slice to a course

To add a slice to a course, follow the instructions on this separate help page.

If I enable sharing on some of my slices and later downgrade my plan, will sharing still be enabled on those slices?


If I enable sharing on a slice, can I control who sees it?

No. Making a slice shareable means that it’s visible to anybody who knows its URL. This is the same concept as an “unlisted” video on YouTube — it doesn’t show up in search results, but it’s publicly accessible by anybody who knows the link.

If you’d like more security here, with the ability to require login and hand-pick the people who can access your slice, use our teacher plan.

Is there an easy way to share many slices — say with a group of students — rather than enabling sharing one at a time?

Yes indeed. Our teacher plan is specifically designed to let you bundle many slices into a course for easy sharing. (And there are other awesome features, too, like letting students submit their own performance videos.)

Can a slice be shareable and also in a course?

Sure, no problem.