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Adding slices to a private course

Here’s how to add slices to a private course.

Step 1: Edit your course

Click the “Courses” link in the left sidebar:


This will take you to the list of the courses you’ve created. Click the course you want to edit.

Step 2: Add slices

Beneath the “Slices” tab, you’ll see an “Add slices to this course” button if you haven’t added any slices yet.


Otherwise, you’ll see a slightly different “+ Add slices” button, just above the list of existing slices.


Either button will pop up a menu where you can search for and select the slices you’d like to include. You can check the box of multiple slices to add together, or just a single one. (You can always come back to this menu.)


Can I remove a slice I’ve added?

Yes. See here for details.

Can one of my slices be added to multiple courses?

Absolutely. It’s very common for teachers to do this.

Can I add someone else’s slice to my course?

No. Any slice you’d like to add to a private course must be in your own Soundslice account.

If my course is already being accessed by students, will they immediately be able to use the new slice when I add it?

Yes, that’s right. Adding a slice to your course makes it available instantly to the course’s students.