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Soundslice store help

In the Soundslice store, you can buy high-quality music instructional material that uses state-of-the-art learning technology. All while supporting great musicians, who get the majority of the revenue.

We sell video courses, high-quality transcriptions of tunes and more, across several genres and instruments.

The common thread is that everything uses the Soundslice player — beautiful and easy-to-use software that syncs music notation and tablature with real audio and video recordings.

What makes Soundslice so good?

Have you ever tried to learn music from a YouTube video or DVD?

Learning this way can feel like a chore. You spend so much time fiddling with the playback — stop, rewind, play, stop, rewind, play — that the instrument in your hands is hardly the center of your attention.

On Soundslice, lessons are interactive and dead-simple to navigate — letting your learning time be used for learning. Move to any moment in the music simply by clicking it. Drag/swipe over a section of it to loop it. Slow down the video without changing pitch. View an animated fretboard or keyboard. Make things bigger or smaller, hide bits you don’t care about, and transpose with the click of a button. Plus lots more.

Unlike normal video lessons, Soundslice lessons skip mundane instruction — like where to put your fingers — and instead focus on core concepts and musicality. That’s because, as you watch a Soundslice video, you’ll see notation light up, telling you exactly what the instructor is playing that given moment.

And, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet, our player will magically reflow the notation to fit your smaller screen. Perfect for the practice room.

Long story short: With Soundslice, you’ll learn great material, faster and more effectively, and you’ll retain what you’ve learned. There’s nothing else like it.

What do I get when I buy?

You get instant, lifetime access to the course(s) you bought. If it’s a video course, it’s a series of videos, all synced with notation in our player. If it’s a transcription, it’s high-quality sheet music synced with original recordings.

You’ll access these materials directly in your web browser on

After you buy, you’ll quickly create a Soundslice account so that you can always log in and return to your purchases.

You’ll also get a few Soundslice Plus features for free, for all the music you’ve purchased: the ability to create clips and auto-saving of your player settings.

Do I get the materials right away?

Yes! You get instant access as soon as you purchase, so you can start learning immediately.

How long will I be able to access my purchased materials?

Forever. Your purchase will not expire.

Lessons in the Soundslice Store are not a subscription service with recurring payments. You pay only once and get to access your purchases forever.

What if I don’t like my purchase?

We have a generous refund policy. See here for details.

Is there a “live instruction” component on Soundslice?

Not at this time. Everything is pre-planned and pre-recorded.

On which devices will I be able to access my purchases?

You can access your purchases from any Internet-enabled device with a relatively modern web browser (i.e., from the last few years). You are not limited to the device that you used when you made the purchase.

All you need to access your purchases is your Soundslice username and password. Easy!

I’m on an older device. Will Soundslice work on it?

Many of our courses have free previews. Give those a shot on your device, and you’ll get a sense of how well it works for you.

Here’s an example video lesson for your testing.

If you have any problems, please contact us to let us know — we may be able to fix them for you.

Do I need to install or download anything?

No! All you need is a relatively recent web browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. The built-in browsers in iOS and Android work fine, too.

Is there a tutorial or help page for the Soundslice player?

Yes — visit our features page for the rundown.

I’m in [remote part of the world]. Will the site be slow?

We use a “content-delivery network,” which is a fancy term meaning our stuff is available via many servers all around the globe. Your computer will access whichever server is geographically closest — optimizing your Soundslice experience.

Can I download courses to my hard drive?

No, we don’t offer a way to download courses. Everything is meant to be used while you have an Internet connection.

Can I print the notation / tablature?

Yes, most courses are printable. While viewing a specific piece of music in Soundslice, click the Settings gear at lower right. Then click the “Print” button.

Due to licensing restrictions printing isn't enabled on a handful of courses. If you've any questions about a particular course just get in touch.

Is anything physical available, like DVDs or books?

No. Soundslice is entirely online; we don’t sell any printed materials or deal with the postal service.

Do you accept currencies other than U.S. dollars?

Not at this time. But if you use PayPal to buy, PayPal will do the currency conversion for you, from most common currencies worldwide.

Is it possible to buy a course as a gift?

Yes! See here for details.

I’m broke. Do you have any free stuff?

Yes indeed! Check out our community section, where lots of people post lick ideas, transcriptions and a lot more. For free.

Can I sell my own instructional materials on Soundslice?

Yes! See our Selling courses on Soundslice page for the full rundown.

Who is behind this site?

Soundslice LLC is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It’s a small company run by musicians who wanted a better way to learn and practice music. Read more in our About section.

I got burned in the past by a site that had instructional materials and later got sold and shut down. Will that happen with Soundslice?

Unlike many “startups,” our goal is not to grow huge and subsequently sell the company. Soundslice is a sustainable, long-term business. We are self-funded — which means we have no investors who might be pressuring us to sell out — and we intend to be around for the long term.

I’m not a teacher but have a suggestion for a new course!

Excellent. Please send it to us — we’d love to hear from you!