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Using practice lists

Once you’ve created a practice list and added slices to it, you can start using it.

To access your practice lists, log into your Soundslice account and click Practice in the left navigation:


Here, you’ll see all your practice lists, with the first four slices of each. Just click one of the slices to get practicing.

When you view a slice in context of a practice list, you’ll get all of the Soundslice features you know and love — but you’ll also get some additional functionality.

The practice sidebar

The first thing you might notice is the left part of the page — it’s a special sidebar only visible for slices in practice lists:


On smaller screens such as phones, you won’t see this sidebar by default. Open the sidebar by tapping this icon at the top of the page:


The practice sidebar has three sections, each of which has its own dedicated help page:

  1. Practice log — a place to keep track of when you’ve practiced this music. Read more.
  2. Saved loops — a list of the saved loops you’ve created. Read more.
  3. Private notes — messages you’ve left for yourself about this music. Read more.

Navigating within a practice list

You’ll also notice some light navigation at the top of the page. This is a quick way for you to move forward and backward through your practice list:


We recommend reordering slices to take full advantage of the Previous and Next buttons.

If you click the middle of that (“1 of 14” in the previous screenshot), you’ll see the full list of slices in the practice list:


You can click any of the slices there to quickly access it.

Pro tip: For any slice you’ve already marked as practiced today, we’ll add a little green checkbox here.