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Creating and managing lists

Lists let you organize slices for quick and easy access. Got a daily warmup routine? Keeping a to-do list of licks you’re trying to memorize? Want to track your repertoire so you remember to freshen it up regularly? Lists are designed for all of these situations and more.

Only customers in a paid plan can create lists. But every Soundslice user gets a free list called “Bookmarks,” whether you pay us or not.

Creating lists

To create a list, log into your Soundslice account and go to your homepage. Then click “New” and select “New list”:


You’ll see a page like this:


Enter a name, click “Create list” and you’re done.

Adding slices to a list

You can add a slice to a list in a few different ways:

  • From your slice manager, click the List icon to the right of any slice you’ve created, then choose the list(s) to add the slice to.
  • From your practice homepage, find the list and click “Add slices.” You’ll be able to select from all the slices you’ve created.
  • From the list’s individual page, click “Add slices.” You’ll be able to select from all the slices you’ve created.
  • From a slice page, click “Add to library” or “Lists” at the top of the page. (This button will have different text depending on whether you created the slice or are viewing somebody else’s slice.) Then click the checkbox next to the list you’d like to add it to:


Note: This last method works for any slice you can access and isn’t limited to slices you’ve created yourself. That includes slices from the community, slices that have been shared privately with you and slices in courses you’ve purchased — all are eligible for use in your lists. Nice!

Changing slice order

In a list, you can reorder the slices however you see fit. The main benefit of reordering your slices is that it gives you control over the “previous” and “next” links when viewing a slice in the list.

To reorder the slices in a list, go to your practice homepage, find the specific list and click “Edit” to the right of its title. On the next page, click and drag the left edge of any slice up and down.


Note: Whenever you add a slice to a list, it will be added to the end of the list by default.

Renaming slices

You can rename any slice in a list, to make it easier for you to find and understand.

This is especially useful if the slice was created by somebody else. For example, perhaps you purchased a course from our store but the course’s slices use names like “Part 4(b)” that don’t make sense in other contexts.

To rename a slice in a list, edit the list and click “Rename” next to the slice:


This renaming will only apply in the context of this list, and the new name remains private to you.

To reset the name to its original slice name, click “Rename” and delete the custom name you’d entered.

Types of lists

Our lists system is deliberately open-ended. To inspire you, here are some ideas on how you can use it:

  • Warm-up exercises
  • My daily routine
  • Pieces I want to learn
  • Pieces I’m working on
  • Pieces I’ve mastered (but should freshen up from time to time)
  • My guitar repertoire vs. my piano repertoire
  • July 9 gig setlist

Is there a limit on how many lists I can create?

No. You’re limited only by your imagination.

What happens if I create a list, then downgrade to the free plan?

Your list will remain viewable to you — but it will be in a read-only state. This means you won’t be able to rename the list, add slices to it, remove slices from it, reorder slices, etc.

What happens if I add somebody else’s community post to a list, then that person unpublishes the slice?

You won’t be able to access the slice anymore, but your notebook contents, such as practice history, will remain.

If I add somebody else’s slice to one of my lists, will the slice’s owner find out?

No — lists are private. Nobody can access your lists.