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Hybrid picking

Playlist curated by soundslice ∙ 38 slices and 15 musicians
A guitar technique that utilizes both fingers and pick.


I'm creating interactive Soundslice Transcriptions of Virtuoso Guitar Players. If you benefit from this work, consider a pledge to my Patreon - so I can work on music full time.


Guitarist, educator, composer and author of the Modern Linear Vocabulary collection.


Hi my name is Fabian Ratsak I was born in 1981 in Detmold, a small town in Germany and started playing the guitar at the age of 13.Nowadays i am a guitar teacher and also love playing/touring with my band Roomers and other sideproject.


Purveyors of this fine website.


Guitar Lab Rat - lessons online available and in person in Boston, MA! Best place to hear me play is


NYC based Guitarist/Producer and touring Guitar Tech.


Anton Lasy is a Jazz/Fusion guitarist based in Minsk, Belarus.


Bob Ross is a professor of guitar at Mt. Joseph University as well as a guitar instructor/performer in the Cincinnati area. You can find his lesson material on and/or


I am a bedroom guitarist who earns a living as a physicist. I'm very interested in discussing picking technique! I am a big fan of Vinnie Moore, Dream Theater and the instructional material by Troy Grady.


Guitarist, composer, educator, and author.


David Hinckley is a guitarist, composer and educator outside Boston, MA. He maintains a full roster of private students and is always open to taking on new students. Please be in touch to book a lesson.


Session guitar player and producer . When not recording or playing live also a music educator.


Guitarist, composer, educator and author from São Paulo, Brasil


Guitarist, educator and arranger-15 Modern Lines -