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Improvements to PDF/image scanning

Today we’re happy to announce two improvements to our PDF/image scanning feature.

1. Bigger quotas

We’ve changed the usage quotas to be page-based instead of upload-based. Here are the specific changes:

  • Plus plan — was 10 uploads per month, now 100 pages per month
  • Teacher plan — was 30 uploads per month, now 200 pages per month
  • Licensing plan — was 30 uploads per month, now 200 pages per month

Doing it by number of pages instead of number of uploads makes much more sense for the vast majority of our customers. We’d heard from people who were cramming several unrelated pieces of music into a single PDF to “optimize” their monthly usage. Now you don’t have to use workarounds like that.

For most of our customers, this change will result in a significant increase in monthly scans. If your uploaded PDFs are usually two pages long, this effectively gives you 40 more uploads per month.

If you’re one of the relatively few people who have been using our scanning feature for longer pieces, this change might mean you have fewer monthly uploads than before. Apologies — this is a tradeoff we had to make by switching to page-based counting. Drop us an email and let us know your situation, and perhaps we can help.

2. Cross-staff piano notation

Our scanning system has had a longtime problem with cross-staff piano notation. For example:

Screenshot of music notation

Notice how the top staff has white space (no explicit rests) at the start of the bar. A musician can easily see that the top staff’s notes are to be played after the bottom staff’s four notes — but our scanning system got confused by this, because it processed each staff independently.

This is now fixed. The system is a lot smarter about this situation and processes the staves together. This makes a big improvement in scanning results for piano music.


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