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The most artist-friendly music lesson platform

The Soundslice store is the best place for musicians to sell instructional materials. Whether you’re selling a single original transcription or a multipart video course, you set the prices and take home 85% of every sale. Artists in total have earned nearly half a million dollars selling lessons on Soundslice.

Our generous revenue-share deal has allowed many artists to free up time that might have been spent giving one-on-one instruction. Instead, they can point inquiring students to their Soundslice lessons and have more time for other creative projects.

So much better than an e-book or video

We built the Soundslice learning environment from the ground up to be the best music-learning experience on the Internet. Our player syncs video with sheet music or tab, so students always see exactly which notes are being played. This is the very same technology that we license to big instructional sites such as TrueFire.

Students can learn at their own speed, using our tools to slow down, loop, transpose, change camera angles, view instrument visualizations and so much more.

Your students will love it. In many ways it’s even better than a private lesson.

Create stunning lessons with our simple tools

Our platform gives you all the tools you need to put together an amazing course. Easily upload your own MP3s or video recordings and join them with your notation. You can upload sheet music from other programs (Sibelius, Finale, Guitar Pro, etc.) or create it directly in our editor.

For video, you can easily include multiple camera angles or different audio mixes. All without labor-intensive video/audio editing.

For a more old-school approach, you can also provide downloadable files such as PDFs or backing tracks.

Discount codes, customer support and more

We’ve got the infrastructure covered. Everything is hosted on, and we handle everything from payment processing to user support to video hosting to continual tech improvements. You just bring the content.

We provide a suite of tools for customizing your offering. You can offer coupon codes, discounts for bundled purchases and temporary sale prices. (Like Black Friday.)

We believe you deserve the right to have a direct relationship with your customers, with their consent — so we make it easy for people to opt-in to sharing their email address with you. This way you can notify them of future courses or add them to your own mailing list. Try to do that with YouTube or another Mega Platform. (Hint: Not gonna happen.)

Questions and answers

What does this cost?

It’s $5/month to upload your own audio/video. You set your own prices for your lessons and keep 85% (after payment processing fees). You get paid weekly and are notified via email of every sale. Read all the details.

How do I get my notation/tabs into Soundslice?

If you already have music in a digital format (Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore, Guitar Pro, etc.), you can import that directly. We also have a full notation editor built in, which lets you notate from scratch or make edits to the files you’ve imported.

What instruments does this support?

Soundslice supports any instrument that uses standard Western music notation, including percussion. For several examples, see our features page.

Can I sell my e-book on Soundslice?

Not exactly. Soundslice lessons are more high tech — they show notation/tab and video at the same time, as opposed to being static PDFs. However, several artists have successfully “Soundsliced” their existing e-books. It’s actually quite easy. Reach out if you’d like help with this.

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