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Percussive Guitar
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Percussive Guitar

Finally break out of the box. No more boring, cliché guitar!
Neosoul · Hip hop · Funk
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👉 Are you sick of not progressing?
👉 Don't know what to learn?
👉 Do you lack style and swagger in your playing? Read full description…

👉 Are you sick of not progressing?
👉 Don't know what to learn?
👉 Do you lack style and swagger in your playing?

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, you're in the right place!

With my knowledge and your dedication, you will learn a completely unique set of skills and you will double your skill level in just 4 weeks.

No more cliché, boring guitar.
It’s time you finally learn the full potential of what a guitar can actually do!


In High School, I played in a progressive metal band and we were good. We won the state battle of the bands and were even featured on the radio. We were 5 teenagers well on our way to making big waves.

But after we graduated from high school I left the band. I moved to Brazil to pursue other ambitions. Goodbye rockstar fame.
2 years later, when I could speak fluent Portuguese, I moved back to the states and my musical interests had changed. The fire I had for guitar was dying.

I had learned so much by that point, that guitar was becoming boring and repetitive for me.
I really grieved over this because the guitar was my super power.

It was the thing I was most passionate about. I never felt more inspired than when I was playing the guitar and that inspiration was just dying?


But then with the explosion of Social Media, I discovered Tim Henson & Mateus Asato


I learned from them that I could create full, musical compositions:

Complete with a:
👉 Bass-line
👉 Percussion
👉 And lead melody

All on one guitar! I learned I could create some of the most inspiring, and unique sounds of any instrument on the guitar. And it's not hard!


So over the last several years I’ve been inspired. I’ve spent hours upon hours learning and developing this style of percussive guitar. It's made me a way better player and now I have a full range of musicality, just like piano players.

I want to give that to you.

That's why I've created The Percussive Guitar Course and it’s finally available.

Full course

Full course is 34 minutes across 13 parts
Week 1: Percusive Blues
Percussive Thumb Technique
Thumb & Hook
Snappy Double-Stops
The SRV Lick (The Need For Speed)
Week 2: Percussive Funk
Left Hand Percussion
Hook Snap
Slap N' Run
Week 3: The John Mayer Technique
Thumb & Hook Used Differently
The Full Pattern
Week 4: Tim Henson
Thumping & Snapping
Hammer-Ons From Nowhere
Percussive Harmonics
Percussive Chords

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