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Prettier hammer-ons and pull-offs

We’ve improved our tablature rendering today to make hammer-ons and pull-offs more beautiful and easier to read.

Previously, we displayed a little slur between every note, like this:


Now, we automatically detect when subsequent notes are all part of the same hammer-on or pull-off, and we display a single slur, like this:


Much clearer!

We’ve made this rendering more sophisticated, as well. It’ll now draw slurs in the other direction if there’s not enough space above (due to other notes in the tab). And it’ll fall back to a smaller slur style if all else fails.


This change is live now for all tablature sitewide.


[Comment posted by James G]

Loving the new editor and these notation smoothing updates!

One request: allow note bends to show the correct pitch, not just the fretted note. If I bend up a whole step from E to F#, the notated pitch should reflect that - not stay on E for the duration.

Maybe to expand on this, we could also get Vibrato/Trem Bar notation for when we need to transcribe Steve Vai :)
Hey James — yes, we would indeed like to make that improvement to bend notation! It's on our eventual to-do list. :)
[Comment posted by James G]

Awesome, looking forward to it! Thanks!
[Comment posted by James G]

A couple more notation feature requests:

Manual Line / System Breaks: useful for managing page layout / making reading easier

Option for Hidden Directions: Segno and Coda markings take up vertical real-estate and add white space to the layout. I often use these to create larger repeat sections that the performer doesn't really need to care about - they're for playback/sync control mostly in my use case. It would be nice to hide them from view.


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