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Introducing the loop button

We’ve made a big change to our player today: it now has a prominent loop button, which makes it simple to loop a section of music.


Looping has always been a core part of the Soundslice experience — just drag across any notation to loop that section. But we’ve repeatedly found that some people don’t realize they can do this. In a world of PDFs and static images, the concept of “interactive” sheet music is still new and unexpected.

That’s why we’ve introduced this button. When you click it, the player will create a looped selection that spans whatever bar your playhead is in. You can then drag its edges to resize it to your liking.


As part of this change, we’ve also improved the way loops look. They now have “grabbers” on either edge, which helps communicate that they’re resizable.


Dragging to resize loops was already possible — but (again) we found people didn’t realize they could do it. The new design makes it much clearer!

Finally, we’ve clarified our player’s “play options.” Previously, clicking the double-arrow next to the Play button would give you three options: Play looped, Play once or Play with count-in. Now that we have a separate loop button, we’ve put the “Play once” option in the loop button’s menu, which simplifies things.


We hope you enjoy these changes!


[Comment posted by Jan Schmitt]

This is a great update for the UX. Thanks guys! :)
Hi. The loop is great, but it doesn't seem to drag across multiple bars for me on mobile. Any ideas?
@Andy_Guitar Thanks for pointing that out! Give it another shot now; we've increased the "click tolerance" so our player is less likely to think you're making a new selection as opposed to extending the old one.
On Android i can't get this feature to work. It seems work only when it wants to. Dragging from the dots or the edge of the loop does not work.
And i mean looping across bars

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