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New syncpoint editor how-to videos

Hi there, Corey here. Longtime member of the Soundslice team, first-time poster to the Soundslice blog.

Today we’ve released two “How-to” instructional videos all about using our syncpoint editor. The syncpoint editor is our powerful tool that lets you join notation and real recordings. It’s the bedrock feature of our product, making our rich notation and practice tools possible.

We produced these videos because the syncpoint editor can be a hard tool to describe, yet it’s actually quite easy to understand when you see it in action. We’ve broken features into two videos: the first covers the basics of joining notation with real recordings, the second covers advanced features (like managing multiple recordings on the same slice) and time-saving tricks.

Even if you’ve created slices on our site before, we bet that you’ll learn a trick or two from the advanced features video. (At least, that’s what we heard from a few early viewers!)

You’ll find both videos on our YouTube channel and embedded at the bottom of this post. We’ll also be sprinkling them around relevant parts of our site in the near future. If you have a suggestion for a new “How-to” video topic, we’d love to hear from you in the comment thread. :)


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