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New partners, features and fixes, March 6

We’re excited to announce two new sites using Soundslice technology. Check ’em out!

This week, we added a lightweight way to navigate through a score with your keyboard. You can now use the left and right arrow keys to “step” through a score one note at a time. It’s handy for quickly moving back and forth while practicing.

More new stuff this week:

  • Added a “Return to score manager” link in the syncpoint editor, per several users’ request.
  • When a video is displayed above notation on smaller screen sizes, we reduced the amount of vertical space between the video and notation.
  • Improved our MusicXML importer to deal with piano scores generated by the Notion notation editor.
  • For people embedding our player, we added a way to hide chord names and/or diagrams on initial page load, with show_chords. (See documentation.)
  • In the score manager, we improved the search feature not to ignore short, common words (“stop words”). Also got it working properly with apostrophes.
  • We made several notation-rendering improvements, including: improved positioning of measure numbers, improved spacing between slurs and tuplets, and improved lyrics spacing.
  • Added some nice testimonials to our Soundslice For Teachers page. :-)


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