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New URL format for Soundslice embeds

A quick technical announcement for those of you who embed the Soundslice player in your own websites: we’ve changed the URL format for our embeds.

Specifically, the embed URLs used to start with Now they start with — which matches the rest of our site. The embed works exactly the same with both URL formats, so this is purely a bit of housekeeping on our end, to make things consistent.

The old URLs will still work indefinitely, so you don’t need to worry about changing any of your existing embeds.

Note that, for a given slice, the ID that comes after is different than the one in For example, corresponds to This means you can’t just replace /scores/ with /slices/ in your existing embeds; just leave the existing embeds as-is.

If your publishing system assumes Soundslice embed URLs start with, followed by a number, no problem. In the slice manager, we’ve added a little message, beneath the embed code, with the old-school /scores/ embed ID. This is specifically for old-school users in this rare situation (we know there are a few of you). Feel free to keep using that old-school ID until you update your systems to the new URL format.

Please feel free to contact us any time with questions!


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